Tanah Necklace
Rp 1,580,000
Air Ring
Rp 990,000
Totem Collection
Maranti Ring
Rp 750,000
Api Earring
Rp 1,350,000
Nias Collection
Bunga Earring
Rp 1,250,000
Laut Bangle
Rp 1,900,000
Terumbu Gua Earring
Rp 1,560,000
Laut Collection
Jepun Subeng
Rp 1,750,000
Terumbu Karang Brooch
Rp 3,500,000
Anggrek Capsul Earring
Rp 1,550,000
Anggrek South Sea Pearl Necklace in Gold
Rp 8,800,000
Suku Collection

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